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Nominee Director
A nominee director is a director appointed to the board of a company to represent the interests of his appointor on that board. He may be appointed by a shareholder, a creditor or another stakeholder.

This appointment is usually for dormant companies, though can replace a current director from an active company, or add as a second director, however the nominee cannot be named on the company PSC register, it is only persons with significant control who is added to the PSC. Full Nominee Service together with offshore business facilities  ‎€ 280 inclusive.

What is a Corporate Secretary?
A corporate secretary is not a natural or real person, instead it is a company. Note that all companies must have at least one natural director (i.e. a real person) to ensure that the company has an individual that can be held responsible and accountable for the actions of the company.

You can appoint a corporate secretary when incorporating your company. However since October 2008 all company formations must have throughout a companies life have at least one natural director.
Offshore Corporate Secretary:    Free offshore business facilities  ‎€ 280 inclusive.

Directors and Nominee Directors in Luxembourg

The legal framework containing the duties of directors and nominee directors in Luxembourg is the Company Law, also known as the law on commercial companies of August 10, 1915, with its subsequent amendments and additions. This legislative document contains the most important information regarding directors in Luxembourg for public and limited liability companies 
The law stipulates that companies in Luxembourg can have either a single tier structure or a two tier structure. In the first case, the company has only a Board of Directors composed of at least three members and at least one director. Two tier structures have, apart from the Board of Directors, a Management Board.
A company director in Luxembourg is appointed during the general shareholder’s meeting and can also be removed by the shareholders. The maximum period of time during which an individual can occupy this position is six years, after which he can be re-elected. An individual acting as a company director can resign at any time provided that the resignation does not damage the company.
There are no specific legal requirements for appointing a director in Luxembourg. However, companies will make the most suitable choice based on the experience and qualifications of a particular individual. Foreigners can also become company directors in Luxembourg but it is advisable to have at least one Luxembourg resident director. The directors are responsible for the company, in accordance with the common law. They are jointly and severally liable to the corporation or to any third party, for any damages resulting from violations of the provisions of the Company Act or the company’s bylaws. A director who has an interest opposite to that of the company, in a transaction subject to the approval of the Board of Directors is obliged to advise the board and to include this statement in the minutes of the session of the general meeting. This meeting is made before any other meeting where the director where the directors may have opposite interests and may vote. 

Large companies in Luxembourg that have more than 1,000 employees must have at least nine directors in the Board of Directors and one third of them must be appointed as representatives of the employees. Companies with a single shareholder can be managed by a single director.

The term of nominee director doesn’t have the same connotation as it has in an offshore jurisdiction. In these jurisdictions, the name of the nominee is rented during the incorporation process and after than it must give all the powers to the beneficial owner trough a power of attorney.

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We provide a full range of nominee services including; nominee director person, nominee director corporate, nominee secretary and nominee shareholder.

Due to the recent changes in Government legislation our nominee services have undergone structural changes to reflect the requirements. We believe this legislation is beneficial to all concerned, because whilst providing clarity to the general public who look to acquire details of the company structure, it also identifies entities not subscribing to the changes, thus helping to identify exactly which company they should choose to employ services from.

We have tried to maintain many of our superb packages features, though inevitably when sweeping changes are made some aspects will be lost, causing our fee structure to fluctuate, however on the whole our simulated nominee services still reflect some of the very best packages anywhere to be found in the world.

Browse our numerous services, make your selection and proceed using our online form or contact us using our direct number above or email us.

Choose from one of our comprehensive Packages, or opt for individual services specific to meet your requirements, once you have decided your preference proceed using our online form or contact our team using the direct number above, or e mail for advice.

Luxembourg Company Formation

Form a Luxembourg Corporation Introduction
Luxembourg is officially known as the “Grand Duchy of Luxembourg” which is a completely landlocked country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Germany to its east, Belgium to its west, and France to its south.
Luxembourg corporations are best known for their holding functions rather than being corporations actively engaging in business and commerce. A typical Luxembourg “Holding Company” is a legal corporation in regards to its tax status which is attractive to foreign investors. The Luxembourg SARL is similar to a limited liability company in other regions. The SARL has the legal liability protection of the corporation and the non-transferability of the company shares of a partnership. It can have between two and 100 partners. There is also the one person SARL, called the SARL unipersonnelle.

Cost of Setting up a Company in Luxembourg
The cost of setting up a Luxembourg company / corporation varies depending on the type of company and the capitalization requirements. You can get a better idea by using the number or form on this page to discuss it with a real human.


There are many benefits for owning a Luxembourg corporation which include:

  • Security: Luxembourg has for many years been looked upon as a very secure political and economic country with a long history of allowing different legal entities to prosper, such as corporations, trusts, and private family wealth entities.

History as an Investment Center: In spite of being a very small country in terms of land area and population, Luxembourg is the world’s second largest investment funds center managing assets over 2.5 trillion Euros. More than 40% of all incoming and outgoing EU investments go through Luxembourg.

  • Territorial Tax: Non-resident Luxembourg corporations are only levied income taxes and corporate taxes on their Luxembourg source income. However, U.S. residents and citizens of countries which levy income taxes on their worldwide income will be subject to their own country’s taxes.
  • Bearer Shares: Shareholders are afforded privacy by choosing to obtain share certificates made out to “bearer” rather in one’s name like registered shares.
  • Holding Company: Luxembourg corporations choosing to be established as a SOPARFI (French acronym for Society of Participating Financiers) can hold and manage funds and assets while being able to lend and borrow money and collect royalty income. There are several tax benefits for this type of legal entity such as

(a) Income tax exemption from dividends (including upon liquidation);

(b) Capital gains tax exemption on qualifying participations; and

(c) Pay dividends to qualified recipients exempt from withholding tax.

  • Family Wealth: Luxembourg corporations can be formed as a Family Wealth Management Company (SPF) where individuals can manage their private wealth preserving assets which can pass onto their heirs. While being exempt from most government taxes, the SPF must pay a yearly subscription tax based on share premiums and share capital at a rate of 0.25%.
  • Specialized Investment Fund (SIF): Luxembourg corporations can be formed as a special investment fund where institutional, professional, and savvy investors can invest in a variety of securities including hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. The SIF is only subject to yearly subscription tax based on the value of its net assets at a rate of 0.01%. In addition, VAT (sales tax) will only apply on services and purchases not related to the funds management.
Corporate Name
A newly formed Luxembourg corporation must select a unique corporate name which is not similar to other corporations. The corporate name must also end with the initials “AG” or “SA” to designate the particular type of corporation that it is. Also, the corporation’s name cannot be similar to a corporate shareholder. Once formed the Luxembourg certificate of incorporation will bear the company name.

Office Address and Local Agent
Luxembourg corporations must have both a local office and local registered agent in order to receive process server requests and official notices. The corporation is allowed to have a main address anywhere in the world.

At least one shareholder is required. The shareholder can reside in any country and be a private person or corporate entity.

In Luxembourg, a corporation is permitted to issue registered shares. Corporate shares may be issued with or without voting rights, depending on the company’s discretion. Corporate registered shares must be logged in the corporation’s log book. Registered shares can only be transferred by issuing a transfer statement which is authorized by both the transferor and transferee.

Luxembourg corporations can also issue bearer shares which are usually transferred by delivery of bearer certificates. Whoever is in possession of a bearer share certificate is the owner.

The corporation’s founder can be a private person or legal entity, and names can be kept confidential as long as that individual or entity is represented on paper by a founder in trust.

Directors and Officers
At least one director must be appointed. The director can reside in any country and be a private person or corporate entity.

Minimum Share Capital for a Luxembourg SARL
The minimum required authorized capital in Luxembourg is 31,000 EUR, which must be paid in full in order for the incorporation to occur. In addition, at least 25% of the nominal value of each share must be secured. Until the corporation finalizes its payment of authorized capital, the corporation can only issue registered shares. Once the authorized capital payment is paid, then the company can issue bearer shares.

Luxembourg Company Tax Rate
Luxembourg does not levy corporate or income taxes on non-resident corporations not doing business within its territory.

Annual Fees

The required annual fee for a company in Luxembourg is 6400 CHF, plus the registered agent/office fees.

Public Records
The only corporations entered into the public records are those conducting trade or commerce in Luxembourg.

There is no public disclosure of shareholders. The founder (owner) is publicly represented by nominees appointed as founders in trust.

Accounting and Audit Requirements
Accounting is mandatory for corporations. Records must be kept of the corporation’s finances and business transactions, and maintained so they are always up-to-date.

Annual General Meeting
An annual general meeting is mandatory for corporations.

Time Required for Incorporation
The estimated time required for the incorporation in Luxembourg is one week.

Shelf Corporations
Shelf companies are available in Luxembourg for faster incorporation.


A Luxembourg corporation offers many benefits, especially if foreigners want to use them as holding companies to manage assets and earn passive income for its beneficiaries. In addition, foreigners can establish family wealth entities and specialized investment funds which pay few taxes. Privacy to corporate owners and shareholders are offered by not having their names recorded in public records. In addition, bearer shares provide complete anonymity to shareholders. Nominee owners can be appointed as founders in trust to protect an owner’s privacy.

Luxembourg is a territorial tax country exempting non-resident corporations from corporate and income taxes for conducting business outside its borders.

Luxembourg also offers security with its political and economic structures which makes foreign investors comfortable.

Option 1 - Ultimate Nominee Package

This is the most comprehensive package we have ever provided, offering you complete anonymity and full control over all aspects of the company’s management and financial affairs, you will also have full dividend rights, and because full power of attorney is provided, you have the freedom to apply through any bank in the world for business account services*, also where required the option to apply for VAT registration is made available*.

Should your business require accounting services, from accountants who are experienced in the nominee industry, then we have the right people on hand ready to quote you the best possible prices.

In an ever changing industry, this package is the very best deal on the table, no other company can match this offer, and everything can be completed in just a few days. - 

Full Nominee Service together with offshore business facilities  ‎€ 290 inclusive.

Offshore Company Registry - We supply nominee directors, registered office & mail box. Set up fee € 70.

We can administer your company through the Offshore Management Group on yearly basis, yearly costs €180 euros inc filing fees. New companies & trusts added daily to choose from. 


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 ‎€ 290 Per Annum

In Luxembourg, the company’s nominee director is responsible for delivering relevant information regarding him and the company to the competent authorities, records the company in the registers and at the authorities, sign and administrate all the company’s bank accounts, participate at annual audits, gather general meetings of the shareholders and provide any information required in the company’s liquidation or transformation process. Some of these responsibilities can be limited by the company’s articles of association provisions. This is the reason why the appointed person must be a trustworthy person but also the reason why it is not a common procedure here.

A Luxembourg company director must act in good faith and for the best interests of the company. They have the authority to act on behalf of the company and must, in their actions, express the goals of the legal entity. The Board of Directors has the duty to improve the action plan and manage the company’s activities.
A director can own shares in the company but this is not mandatory. They also do not have to be employed by the company and they have remuneration rights, as decided during the general shareholder’s meeting.

Company directors have civil liability and criminal liability towards the company, as such:
- civil liability: contractual liability, liability for violating the Articles of Association, tort liability, liability for the insolvency of the company;
- criminal liability: criminal offences like breaching the obligations towards the Luxembourg tax authorities or criminal offences in case of bankruptcy (under certain conditions) and other mismanagement acts.

Another legal entity can also be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors but in this case it must appoint a permanent representative in charge of the execution of this mission in the name and on behalf of the corporation. This representative is subject to the same conditions and the same responsibilities as if he were an individual without bringing prejudice to the legal entity that he/she represents. Executive Board members are appointed for a period determined by the statutes not exceeding six years. They may be reappointed. In case of vacancy of a member of the Board, the remaining members, unless otherwise provided in the bylaws, have the right to temporarily fill such vacancy.

For more information about corporate governance and issues related to company incorporation and management please contact our legal firm.


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Austria is a landlocked country of approximately 8.7 million inhabitants in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The territory of Austria covers 83,878 square kilometres (32,385 sq mi) and has a temperate and alpine climate. Austria's terrain is highly mountainous due to the presence of the Alps; only 32% of the country is below 500 metres (1,640 ft), and its highest point the Grossglockner is 3,798 metres (12,460 ft). The majority of the population speaks German, which is also the country's official language. Other local official languages are Croatian, Hungarian and Slovene.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through our Vienna offices.  As one of the most prosperous and stable EU Member States, Austria offers its investors ideal conditions. The Austrian economic system can be characterized as a free market economy. 

British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands.

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British Virgin Islands.
Former president of the BVI's Financial Services Commission, Michael Riegels, recites the anecdote that the offshore finance industry commenced on an unknown date in the 1970s when a lawyer from a firm in New York telephoned him with a proposal to incorporate a company in the British Virgin Islands to take advantage of a double taxation relief treaty with the United States. Within the space of a few years, hundreds of such companies had been incorporated. This eventually came to the attention of the United States government, who unilaterally revoked the Treaty in 1981. In the mid-1980s, the government began offering offshore registration to companies wishing to incorporate in the islands, and incorporation fees now generate an estimated 51.4% of Government revenues.

The British Virgin Islands also promotes a number of regulated financial services products. The most important of these is the formation and regulation of offshore investment funds.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through a large number of our offices globally, with a smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated administration services.

Cayman Islands

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British West Indies.

The main industries are financial services, tourism, and real estate sales and development. Service industries, such as construction, hotel and restaurant operations, retail trades, and scuba diving and boat rentals are ancillary to the main industries. The Cayman Islands Government has never depended on the British Government for its recurrent budget, and all aid for capital projects has ceased for over 20 years.

Cayman’s 2009 Constitution sets a limit (a certain percentage of government revenue) on the amount of money that Government might borrow. Flexibility is given in urgent or extremely important matters, a facility that Government asked for and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office granted in 2010.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through a large number of our offices globally, with a smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated administration services.


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Despite the challenging economic environment within the European Union, Germany continues to be one of the world's most powerful and dynamic economies. Business freedom and investment freedom are strong. Long-term competitiveness and entrepreneurial growth are supported by openness to global commerce, well-protected property rights and a sound business regulatory environment.

The German economy has gradually emerged from the effects of the global financial crisis, which had an acute negative impact both on Germany’s public finances and on its economic growth.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through a large number of our offices globally, with a smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated administration services.


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The latest figures show Guernsey’s economy is performing well – but the construction industry remains in decline.

As concerns for local companies continue, States stats show the number of those working in the industry dropped again.

However the median earnings of employees in the sector did rise slightly.

Overall we’re told the island’s finances are in good shape though, with increases in areas including the finance industry – Guernsey’s largest employer.

There is also good news for those in the professional, business, science and technology industries – which also performed well last year.

We offer accounting and tax administration services smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated administration services.

Hong Kong

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Hong kong.

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As one of the world's leading international financial centres, Hong Kong's service-oriented economy is characterized by its low taxation, almost free port trade and well established international financial market. Its currency, called the Hong Kong dollar, is legally issued by three major international commercial banks, and pegged to the US dollar. Interest rates are determined by the individual banks in Hong Kong to ensure it is fully market-driven.
According to Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong has had the highest degree of economic freedom in the world since the inception of the Index in 1995. Its economy is governed under positive non-interventionism, and is highly dependent on international trade and finance. In 2009, Hong Kong's real economic growth fell by 2.8% as a result of the global financial turmoil. The 2017 version of the Economic Freedom of the World Index lists Hong Kong as the number one nation, with a score of 8.97.


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Jersey's economy is based on international financial services, agriculture, and tourism. In 2010, the financial services sector accounted for about 50% of the island's output.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through a large number of our offices globally, with a smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated  administration services.


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The Principality of Liechtenstein offers a specialized and stable financial centre with strong international ties. After the industrial sector, financial services are the largest business sector in Liechtenstein’s national economy. Banks have the most weight, working mainly in private banking and wealth management. The country is also an attractive location for insurers, asset managers, and funds, and it has a specialized fiduciary sector. Liechtenstein is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and thus enjoys full freedom to provide services in all countries of the European single market. Thanks to Liechtenstein’s close neighbourly economic relationship and the Customs and Currency Treaty with Switzerland, Liechtenstein’s financial intermediaries also enjoy privileged access to the Swiss economic area. For Swiss market actors, Liechtenstein offers a nearby hub for the European single market. Liechtenstein offers a stable legal and social order with a very high quality of life in the franc currency area. The solid financial policy of the public budgets, short administrative channels, and a transparent and predictable tax and legal framework contribute to Liechtenstein’s attractiveness as a business location. Liechtenstein’s AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s underscores this reliability. In addition to banks and insurers, the FMA supervises other market participants such as asset managers, funds, and professional trustees. In this publication, we have compiled facts and figures on the individual market participants in a compact form.

We offer accounting and tax administration services through a large number of our offices globally, with a smaller number of specialist teams offering dedicated administration services.


150 South Bridge Road,
Fook Hai Building,
Singapore 058727.
(5 minutes from Chinatown MRT)

Singapore has the highest percentage of financially literate adults in Asia, a continent where 73 per cent of adults do not adequately understand key monetary ideas, a new study has found.

As many as two-thirds of adults in the world are financially illiterate, according to a survey by ratings agency Standard & Poor's.

In one of the most extensive studies on the topic, S&P conducted interviews with more than 150,000 adults in more than 140 countries who were tested on their knowledge of four basic financial concepts: numeracy, risk diversification, inflation and compound interest (saving and debt).

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